About Origin Tea Company

Hi Everyone! I'm Daniel. Welcome to my store! I suppose you want to know what this is all about. Here's the story, my friend:

The idea of starting a tea company with the mission of introducing high quality Taiwanese oolong to the world began when I first visited Taiwan in 2008. I never tasted anything like the whole leaf tea I drank in Taiwan. It was cathartic and I was immediately hooked. At that time, entrepreneurship was already in my veins so I made a mental note to keep exploring tea and tea culture in order to, one day, turn it into a business. OTC didn't come to be by chance or as 'just something I was going to try'. There's passion in tea and I hope my passion for it comes through when you try my products.

From the day I returned from Taiwan, I immediately began to try and find Oolong tea stateside (in the USA). I was disappointed with the overpriced and tasteless crap I found and thus began the inception for OTC's mission. Don't even get me started on tea bags.... >_<

I am a complete foodie in my daily life and often travel to exotic destinations to eat and discover culinary traditions from around the world. With my sharp taste buds and well trained nose to lead me, I tend to find myself somehow drawn to the best food and drink wherever I go. My father once said that I know how to enjoy life - how fitting! 

That said, I do appreciate great tasting tea but, with anything, there is a point of diminishing return with how much I'm willing to pay versus the drinking experience. We do carry a jaw-dropping Da Yu Ling, which is widely considered to be the world's best oolong, but I've mostly focused on bringing you collections of teas that can be enjoyed daily and on those sleepy Sunday mornings at prices that won't alienate new comers. There's also a middle ground with our Reserve Collection.

After years of planning and research, Origin Tea Company was born in 2016. With Taiwanese family heritage, and with a grasp of the language, I was able to seek out, sample and source the best oolong tea I could find. The ability to somewhat transcend language barriers has helped quite a bit during the procurement process. One of the things that makes Taiwanese oolong so special is that its comparatively rare. Simply finding great tea is nearly impossible for visitors. The tea in gift shops are accessible, beautifully packaged but this isn't the tea that connoisseurs are really looking for.

I live in Taiwan for 6 months out of the year (with the other 6 months exploring Southeast Asia, Japan or Europe). Its nice people and ethical business practices makes Taiwan ideal to source a high quality product. OTC teas are grown and processed with love from family owned farms. Our farmers and their families drink the same tea I drink and the same tea we sell.

We drink what we sell, I promise.