Dong Ding

Dong Ding "Black" Oolong Tea, Taiwan

Origin Tea Company

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Everything you love about the highest quality black teas married with complex oolong characteristics gives this tea one of the most pleasing first sip tea experiences I've had in a while. Generally, most black teas are produced with a lower quality tea or bits of tea leaves but we've sourced a high grade Dong Ding oolong that's fully oxidized to make an astonishing 'black' or 'red' tea. With a one-two punch of distinct flavor from full oxidation, this Taiwanese oolong tea is magnificent. Drink hot. Want to change it up? Try brewing a cup with a splash of full fat milk for an unforgettable experience.

Oxidation: Full
Roast: None
Chinese Name: 凍頂烏龍紅茶
Elevation: 800m
Region: Nantou, Central Taiwan
Varietal: Oolong

100% Single Origin Taiwanese Oolong Tea
Hand Picked
Hand Processed in Small Artisanal Batches
Full/Whole Loose Leaf Tea