Phoenix Medium Roast Oolong Tea, Taiwan

Phoenix Medium Roast Oolong Tea, Taiwan

Origin Tea Company

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A bit more substantial on the palate than the other delicate green teas in our collection, this jack-of-all-trades oolong is a pleasure to drink. Phoenix exhibits a broad range of flavor complexities and mouthfeel we love about Taiwanese oolong tea...all in a single cup. With a lovely dry finish, a hint of sweet honey and a delicate roasted aroma that isn't overpowering, Phoenix is a medium roasted and a 50% oxidized tea that will envelope you with a just-right cozy balance of flavor. Try drinking Phoenix at varying temperatures. 

Oxidation: Medium
Roast: Medium
Chinese Name: 鳳凰山烏龍茶
Elevation: 800m
Region: Nantou, Central Taiwan
Varietal: Oolong

100% Single Origin Taiwanese Oolong Tea
Hand Picked
Hand Processed in Small Artisanal Batches
Full/Whole Loose Leaf Tea