Shan Ling Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea, Taiwan

Shan Ling Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea, Taiwan

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A wonderful green daily drinker that goes down smoothly while delivering characteristics found in higher priced oolong teas. This tea is a perfect balance between price and drinking experience and is a must-have. Shan Ling Xi is grown on the same range as Ali Shan and gives off distinct pine-forest flavors and leaves you with a satisfying mouthfeel that is undeniably reminiscent of Taiwanese oolong. This is your gateway into the world of high end OTC Reserve teas. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Oxidation: Light
Roast: None
Chinese Name: 杉林溪烏龍茶
Elevation: 1300m
Region: Nantou, Central Taiwan
Varietal: Oolong

100% Single Origin Taiwanese Oolong Tea
Hand Picked
Hand Processed in Small Artisan Batches
Full/Whole Loose Leaf Tea