It's more than just a cup of tea

It is a movement to support small organic tea farmers to continue growing tea in the ethical method.

It takes 5 times more efforts to grow organic tea. Due to high maintenance, labors and cost, lots of organic tea farmers in the world quit the game and start using chemicals. We want to help organic tea farmers keep grow teas organically.

Our organic tea is sourced from small, family-operated and certified organic farm in Taiwan. The tea is grown organically and naturally in the wild while still being processed with safe, certified tea-making techniques by award-winning tea masters.

Female run and owned business

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Why you should choose 100% Taiwan certified organic tea?

Many teas are declared it's 100% from Taiwan, however, it is packed with teas from other places which could be a lot cheaper and relatively low quality.

Our tea is sourced from certified Taiwan organic tea farm and being well-packed directly in the certified Taiwan organic tea farm. We ensure its authenticity and safety.

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