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Origin Tea Company

Organic Wild Honey-Scented GABA Oolong Tea

Organic Wild Honey-Scented GABA Oolong Tea

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100%  Organic Oolong Tea from Taiwan. Hand-picked fresh tea leaves. During its anaerobic fermentation, it produces gamma-Aminobutyric acid and it makes this tea taste with smooth, fruity, and honey scent. This tea is not bitter nor astringent. It is also not harmful to your stomach. Nice and healthy tea to drink every day!

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Soured from Certified Taiwan Organic Tea farm

This Organic Biluochun Green tea is sourced from a certified organic family tea farm in the beautiful mountains in the north of Taiwan. This tea farm was founded in 1871 and already passed on for six generations so far. 



No Pollution, No Pesticide, No Chemicals

Their farm and processing procedures have been approved by Tse-Xin Organic Certification which is the biggest and the most credible leading organization amongst Taiwan's 14 organic certification bodies. They also obtained the Green Conservation Label and international ISO22000, HACCP certification.

No chemical fertilizers, no herbicides, and no growth hormones are used.

Their tea trees grow in an eco-friendly environment in co-existence with nature. A great number of small green leafhoppers can be seen on their tea farm. Small green leafhoppers often munch on the tea leaves. That leaves their tea with a beautiful, sweet honey scent. The sweet taste in this tea is naturally crafted by the natural environment with absolutely no artificial spices added.



Award-winning tea master

This tea is carefully hand-picked and hand-processed by award-winning tea masters. They have been received many top tea collection awards and tea master awards for the past ten years.



Organic Certified Packaging Process

This tea not only grows in an organic natural environment but also handle in an organic approved packaging process and location.

We make sure the whole packaging process is completed in the area where the organic organization is examined and legally licensed, and the process and packages themselves meet the organic guidelines.



Exclusive and delicate flavor

We only choose hand-picked young delicate tea leaves. Its elegancy tastes like art.

Regular organic tea on the market is mostly harvested from old leaves on 40–50 days for the sake of increased production, but such tea can often taste rough, bitter, or astringent.

The tea leaves we chose only have delicate fine tips on their 7–15 days. Tea connoisseurs consider young delicate tea leaves as artwork for their dense white tips with exquisite, thick, elegant, sweet/mild taste. Not bitter nor astringent.



Brew this tea is super easy! 

You don't need fancy equipment to brew this awesome tea. This tea can be brewed in a mug. It tastes as beautiful as you brew in the teapot. (Please don’t add any cap during your brewing process as these tea leaves are very delicate).